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High-quality, high-tech dentistry combined with affordability and a relaxed atmosphere is the philosophy of North Shore’s dental practice.

Ocean View Dental’s Nada Putrus (BDS), blends professionalism and up-to-date technology with friendly and pleasant surroundings that will make your visit enjoyable.

Nada’s commitment to the local community, where she has lived and practiced dentistry since 1995, prompted her to open her own clinic and underlies her belief that dental care should be accessible to all sectors of the community. “Everyone deserves high-quality dental care,” she says. Nada, her husband Peter and their three children live locally, and outside of her professional life Nada enjoys cooking and good-quality family time.

Ocean View Dental has a child-friendly focus; as a mother, as well as a dentist, Nada is acutely aware of the importance of looking after children’s teeth. She says that while it’s vital to care for adult teeth, it’s very important to preserve deciduous (baby) teeth for as long as possible. “Early loss of baby teeth can lead to crowding of the permanent teeth,” she explains.